Shaping ESG in the Midstream Sector through the EIC/GPA ESG Working Group

Crestwood is a member of the Energy Infrastructure Council (EIC). EIC member companies are embracing the growing importance of ESG disclosure and reporting. In late 2019, the EIC established a Board-level ESG Working Group co-chaired by Alan Armstrong, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Williams Companies, Inc. and Bob Phillips, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Crestwood Equity Partners LP.

In December 2020, the EIC ESG Working Group, in collaboration with GPA Midstream, released the first-ever Midstream ESG Reporting Template. Almost a year in the making, this reporting template is the product of extensive review of best-practice ESG reporting among EIC member companies and the ESG reporting requirements from numerous critical stakeholders. This collaborative process, that included members from both EIC and GPA Midstream, involved significant participation from in-house ESG specialists and professionals with operational and technical expertise. Importantly, to ensure widespread adoption, the Working Group also received critical input and guidance from numerous investors. In addition to working toward widespread company and investor adoption, the EIC and GPA Midstream are committed to engaging with the most important ESG rating agencies and standard setters to ensure alignment and consistency between the Midstream ESG Reporting Template and the various channels through which investors access ESG information for the midstream sector.

Crestwood was one of the first to complete and publish its performance metrics utilizing the EIC/GPA ESG template and is reporting on the 2020 ESG metrics requested in this template during this reporting cycle.