Indigenous Relations

Maintaining long-term relationships built on mutual trust and respect with all our diverse stakeholders is fundamental to Crestwood’s core values. We recognize that our success is directly tied to gaining acceptance and support from surrounding communities, many of whom, in North Dakota, are members of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) Nation. The MHA Nation, also known as the Three Affiliated Tribes, is located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (FBIR), North Dakota. The MHA Nation is our largest landowner across Crestwood’s entire asset base. As the owners of the land and neighbors to our operations, we recognize the critical importance of proactively meeting with, listening to and learning from the MHA Nation and its members.

Our Approach

Proactive, frequent engagement and collaboration with the MHA Nation provides Crestwood with the opportunity to better understand the vision and aspirations of the Tribal community. Our Indigenous Relations Policy, published in early 2021, formally states Crestwood’s commitment to the MHA Nation community and focuses specifically on: 

Meaningful Engagement

Our engagement with the MHA Nation endeavors to be transparent, collaborative and focused on open, two-way communication. An MHA Nation member himself, our Tribal Relations Manager, Fred Everett, interacts frequently with MHA Nation leadership to discuss Crestwood’s operating plans, understand potential impacts, identify concerns and engage in a cooperative partnership. 

With in-person meetings and events again limited in 2021 due to the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our engagement efforts required a different approach. However, we did not waver in our commitments to maintain trust, respect and collaboration regarding key business strategies and priorities. 

Collaborating with MHA Nation Chairman Mark Fox

During our materiality refresh process in the fourth quarter of 2021, we engaged MHA Nation Chairman, Mark N. Fox, to provide further insights into our collaborative relationship and his thoughts on our approach to advancing sustainability in the midstream sector. Over the years, Chairman Fox has seen incredible improvement in processes, collaboration and knowledge sharing during the ongoing energy development in North Dakota and on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. 

External Voice

Crestwood is engaging better than many others and evolves through learning and frequent engagements. Together we are stronger, and outcomes are more beneficial to all. I value Crestwood’s commitment to supporting the community and making every effort to respect the MHA Nation’s tribal culture and the values held dearly by our people.

Mark N. Fox
MHA Nation Tribal Chairman

Committed to Cultural Awareness Training

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Committed to Cultural Awareness Training

Crestwood continues to make great strides in advancing a culture where all employees can thrive. In response to the growing business strategy in the Williston Basin, specifically its assets on the FBIR, we provide unique ways for our employees to engage in cultural experiences with the MHA Nation. During 2021, 45 Crestwood employees, including team members from our Williston Basin operations, corporate and executive leadership, participated in a cultural Indigenous awareness training program with two MHA Nation professionals, Ruth Plenty Sweetgrass She-Kills with the Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish (NHS) Tribal College and Jason Morsette, MHA Nation Special Projects Manager. These engagements provided Crestwood employees understanding and appreciation of the MHA Nation’s history, traditional values and key cultural interpretations, including ways for enhancing trust and relationship building. 

Crestwood remains committed to building the knowledge and respect for Indigenous communities among our employees through this type of training and future engagements. We plan to enhance this training opportunity in 2022 to include all Arrow employees and supporting corporate team members.

Respect for the Land

Crestwood’s commitment for respecting cultural lands is outlined in our Indigenous Relations Policy and further echoed in our Biodiversity Position Statement. Over the years we have cultivated our relationships with the MHA Nation and hold a deep appreciation and respect of the traditional significance of its ancestral lands and their steadfast commitment to environmental conservation for generations to come. As part of our project planning and reclamation efforts, we engage with Tribal members who pass on traditional knowledge and values from the MHA Nation to not only minimize impacts on the land but also enhance habitats and landscapes, where possible. 

In 2021, Crestwood was honored to be featured in the Wildlife Habitat Council’s white paper, “Fostering Corporate-Community Relations Through Meaningful Engagement." The article focused on our collaboration with MHA Nation allowing for pipeline reclamation efforts focused on species with cultural significance.  

For more information on our reclamation initiatives, please read the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection page. 

Local Education, Employment and Business Opportunities

From students to locally owned suppliers to becoming employees, Crestwood works diligently with MHA Nation members to identify education, training, internship, employment, procurement and business development opportunities for building capacity and growing skillsets with the local existing and future workforce. 

For more information about our approach to working with Indigenous suppliers, please see the Supply Chain page. 

Partnering with AH, Inc.

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Partnering with AH, Inc.

In 2021, Crestwood spent $4.5 million with AH Inc., a Tier 1 Indigenous-owned company.  

AH Inc., established in 2010, has worked with Crestwood since 2014. Beginning with small scale maintenance work, our partnership has evolved, increasing not only the volume but the scale of projects executed in the Williston Basin. As Crestwood and AH Inc. share the same commitment to safety and community engagement, we are proud to continue collaborating on our major endeavors as well as participate in their business success.

Social Investment

Our support for the MHA Nation extends beyond education and workforce development. Crestwood provides both monetary and in-kind support to programs and organizations in alignment with MHA Nation community initiatives. Although the number and frequency of events has been limited during the pandemic, since 2017, Crestwood has donated $2.9 million to various organizations supporting the FBIR. Additionally, Crestwood employees volunteered 137 hours supporting MHA Nation activities in 2021.

Since 2017, Crestwood has donated $2.9 million to various organizations supporting the FBIR. Additionally, Crestwood employees volunteered 137 hours supporting MHA Nation activities in 2021

Supporting MHA Nation’s Cultural Activities

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Supporting MHA Nation’s Cultural Activities

Crestwood is proud to support the MHA Nation community. In 2021, we volunteered at four vaccination events during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to check people in and distribute hand sanitizer to members of the public who were receiving their vaccine. We also support cultural events and other community initiatives throughout the year, including annual powwows and the annual polar bear plunge with proceeds donated to the American Indian Cancer Foundation. 

Looking Ahead

We are excited to further our existing culture of open and transparent dialogue with the MHA Nation. In 2022, Crestwood is committed to: