Employee Development

Our number one resource is our talented people. Actively engaging and developing our employees will always be a key priority at Crestwood. We value the culture we have cultivated which focuses on inclusion and collaboration to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions. 

Our Approach

Investing in the growth of our employees maximizes Crestwood’s business performance and drives creativity and innovation. We strive to implement unique approaches to talent development and succession planning. For Crestwood to remain competitive in talent acquisition, our organization must continue to outperform the competition. From internships to succession planning, we develop and implement professional development opportunities across the entire career lifecycle. 

Employee Lifecyle

Development of company-wide Human Resources (HR) programs, performance management and appraisal processes and labor compliance is overseen by our vice president of human resources. She serves on the HR Leadership Committee and reports on progress and compensation regularly to the general counsel and Board of Directors.

Employee Profile

As of December 31, 2021, we had 645 employees across our United States operations. With the closing of the Oasis Midstream acquisition, we had 723 employees which represents the addition of 78 employees. The following discloses three years of Crestwood data reflecting key diversity dimensions for age, gender and position for trend comparison, not including Oasis Midstream employees.


Individual Contributors, Supervisors
  Male Female
Total 81.2% 18.8%
60+ 90.7% 9.3%
51-60 82.7% 17.3%
41-50 78.7% 21.3%
31-40 79.6% 20.4%
<30 79.2% 20.8%

Talent Attraction and Retention

With our comprehensive benefits program, competitive compensation and opportunities for growth, Crestwood offers a rewarding career experience. We use a combination of on-the-job learning, formal training opportunities, mentoring circles and enhanced well-being services to attract and retain our talented workforce. We seek individuals at all stages of their careers to join our high-performance culture and engage in challenging and satisfying work that fosters collaboration and respects diversity.

Talent Review Meetings Established and Active in 2021

In 2021, we established a round table with senior leaders to review talent across the organization to enhance our internal discussions with regards to employees’ career progression, cross-training, and special assignments and to recognize and highlight outstanding performers throughout our business. This process also increases opportunities for leaders to share knowledge of individuals not traditionally associated with their business unit, opening new career path prospects for our employees. As we look for innovative ways to retain and advance our talented workforce, we are leveling the playing field by developing programs and establishing processes that are impartial, fair and open to everyone. 

Building the Future Pipeline of Talent: A Partnership with Genesys Works

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Building the Future Pipeline of Talent: A Partnership with Genesys Works

In 2021, Crestwood continued its partnership with Genesys Works, a nonprofit supporting nearly 1,000 underserved high school students with skills training, meaningful work experiences and ongoing college and career support. Over 90 percent of students completing the Genesys Works program enroll in college, a rate of more than double that of their peers. And 81 percent of all program graduates are either in college or have completed a degree. 

Over three years, we have hired seven full-time interns from Genesys Works, providing them with an opportunity to develop valuable skills. Due to the success of the first year’s program, one of the students returned for a third consecutive year. Through their 12-month rotation program, these highly skilled individuals will gain experience within our safety, risk and human resources departments.

I have enjoyed learning new things during my internship, and I’m excited to continue with Crestwood this year. Being the first to attend college in my family, Genesys Works has been a helpful resource as I navigate school and working as an intern. They are always there to assist and answer questions. A career in the energy industry is something I am now considering, and I’m looking into obtaining my Oil & Gas Certificate.
– Laura Navarro, Crestwood Health & Safety Intern

Employee Training

At Crestwood, our goal is to build and develop expertise throughout the company while supporting employees to fulfill their career and life goals. Through our specialized orientation program, new team members start their development on day one. We provide development through a variety of channels, including our Learning Management System (LMS) which offers a large catalog of courses, educational reimbursement programs and developmental relationships with mentors through mentoring circles. 

Mentoring Circles

Our company continued to find unique ways to engage employees during the ongoing challenges with COVID-19. While we previously had one-on-one mentoring opportunities with executives, in 2021, we changed to a virtual forum allowing for more employees to participate and engage with Crestwood’s leadership. We are pleased with the early results and enthusiasm of employees and leaders who are participating in Mentoring Circles. 

Wellness and Mental Health

At Crestwood, we stress the importance of work-life balance, emotional and mental health awareness. We  recognize that mental health has an impact on the safety and well-being of our employees and is a contributing factor in business performance.

Flexibility and work-life balance is key to our engaged and productive workforce. With the ongoing pandemic challenges, Crestwood reinforced its commitment to providing support for the well-being and mental health of our employees through its various work-life balance programs. Crestwood continues to offer employees enhanced sick leave and other benefits to assist them in caring for themselves and their families. We also offer six weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers and three weeks of paid parental leave to secondary caregivers. We continue to inform and promote our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for private consultations and encourage use of the service to lessen the burden of our employees’ everyday lives. A key priority for Crestwood in 2021 included continuation of virtual wellness meetings and team engagement opportunities for employees keeping them informed, feeling safe and supported mentally and emotionally.

Annual Employee Engagement Survey

Top Work Places

Crestwood invited all employees in 2021 to participate in various annual Employee Engagement Surveys through Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces, Kansas City Business Journal Best Places to Work and the Great Places to Work Survey. This annual engagement process informs and enables direct participation of senior leadership in enhancing our human capital development. The average response rate from the three surveys was 63.2 percent. As we continue to engage all employees company-wide and further open the lines of communication for open and honest feedback, we expect the response rate to rise next year. 

Houston Chronicle has recognized Crestwood for the fourth consecutive year as a Top Workplace in the community. 

Great Place to Work

In 2021, Crestwood became certified as a Great Place to Work. The Great Place to Work organization is a global authority on workplace culture, which annually recognizes companies on a national scale for their employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic challenges, results of our survey demonstrate that employee engagement, trust and commitment to our company’s vision is still incredibly high.

Employee and Executive Compensation

We align the interests of our executive officers with those of our unitholders by connecting a substantial portion of each officer’s total compensation to financial, operational and other defined performance metrics that support sustainability and ESG performance in distributable cash flow. Our ESG key performance indicators factor into compensation for all employees and executives. 

In 2022, we are tying employee compensation to our methane emissions intensity reduction target and to key diversity and inclusion goals around training, volunteerism and our internship and scholarship program. For more information on these metrics, please see Tying Compensation to Sustainability Performance on the Sustainability Strategy and Governance page.

Looking Ahead

Our employees continue to outperform, exceeding our expectations through creative and innovative solutions. Our goal is to cultivate and foster collaboration and team building to harness even greater employee ingenuity. In 2022, we will endeavor to: