Enriching Communities 

Giving back to the local communities where we live and work is something that we take pride in at Crestwood. We understand our communities are placing their trust in Crestwood to operate responsibly and safely while positively impacting society through supporting local initiatives. With a focus on building lasting relationships through engaging partnerships, volunteering and direct financial contributions, we continually seek to partner with organizations who share our desire to support economic development and the sustainability of our local communities. 

Bob Phillips, Founder, Chairman and CEO Walking the Talk

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Bob Phillips, Founder, Chairman and CEO Walking the Talk

Our approach to social investment truly comes from the top. Our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Bob Phillips, actively engages with our community partners in Houston, Kansas City and in our field offices. From engaging with Chairman Mark Fox of the MHA Nation on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, visiting the Boys & Girls Club in Douglas, Wyoming, to reading books to the students at Gregory-Lincoln Education Center in Houston, he embodies our culture of volunteerism and giving back to the communities where we live and operate.

Crestwood’s Commitment to Communities – From locally-based employees to our CEO, giving back to our communities is ingrained in Crestwood’s culture


Our Approach

For Crestwood, social investment is not just a ‘check-the-box’ exercise. We take pride in developing and maintaining our partnerships with local communities while building new, long-lasting relationships. Through our active participation, Crestwood’s social investment strategy takes a strategic, risk- and opportunity-based approach and considers the unique needs and aspirations of each community. We plan to be long-term guests in our communities, and our strategy purposefully focuses on the full lifecycle of our expected operations. 

Crestwood’s social investment initiatives are developed to align with our four giving areas:

As part of our growing commitment and dedication to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), in 2021 an all-employee compensation KPI was developed to encourage social investments to organizations with a specific emphasis on progressing DEI. In 2021, 64 percent of our charitable donations advanced DEI in our communities, surpassing our goal by 29 percent.

 In 2021, 64 percent of our charitable donations advanced DEI in our communities surpassing our goal by 29 percent

Investing in Operation HOPE

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Investing in Operation HOPE

In 2021, Crestwood donated $25,000 to Operation HOPE in support of its One Million Black Business and Entrepreneur Initiative (1MBB) across the United States. 1MBB works to reverse the disproportionate number of Black-owned businesses that were affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also held a lunch and learn in collaboration with Operation HOPE to raise awareness among our employees, champion the mission of the organization and share how employees can provide professional expertise to Black entrepreneurs through the program.  

We take our social responsibility seriously.

Our social responsibility and investment efforts are reviewed and approved through the Board of Directors’ Sustainability Committee, with all activities overseen by our president and chief financial officer. Each year, we collaborate with our local employees to discuss investment opportunities aligned with our four giving areas. The active engagement and participation of our employees provides opportunity for greater insight and connectivity to the local community.

Social Risk Assessment

In key operating areas, we enhance our understanding of social impacts, needs and opportunities by conducting social risk assessments. The results help us determine key challenges and inform our social investment efforts. Though COVID-19 has restricted us from doing on-the-ground social risk assessments since 2019, results from the last assessment completed in the Williston Basin continue to drive our investments around education, human trafficking and donations to emergency responders. We plan to conduct our next set of social risk assessments in person, when it is safe to do so, as part of our upcoming three-year strategy. 

Crestwood Voice

I have always been drawn to roles where I can help and keep people safe. After my time in the Army, I started my career in safety as well as volunteering as a fire fighter and an emergency medical technician. I appreciate the support Crestwood not only provides me as a volunteer first responder but also the overall assistance they provide to our communities, including a strong focus on emergency response and veteran initiatives. I take pride in working for a company that shares and embodies these values.

Kelly Heard
Volunteer Emergency Responder

Contributing to Community Initiatives

Working in partnership with our communities is essential to making a positive impact. Since 2018, Crestwood has donated $4.9 million to organizations that engage and promote safety, environmental stewardship, education and workforce development and community vitality, and $1.2 million, including our volunteering and employee matching gifts, was donated in 2021 alone. A key part of our strategic giving includes advancing DEI in the communities where we live and operate.

Social Investment Focus Areas


2021 Main Attributes

  • Safety is a priority to our operations and critical to community quality of life
  • Key strategic needs to enhance safety in the community including domestic violence and anti-human trafficking
  • Support for local first responders, particularly volunteers, with equipment and training

By Year

  Safety Investment
2019 $139,000
2020 $120,000
2021 $152,000

A Team Effort – Employees Giving Back to Communities

Volunteering Our Time

At Crestwood, volunteering is not just an activity. It is a belief within our employees. Our employees continue to support their local communities by donating their time and expertise. Each year, Crestwood employees are eligible to receive up to eight hours of paid time off to volunteer at organizations of their choosing. 

In 2021, Crestwood employees volunteered more than 1,600 hours to local nonprofits and community-based organizations  

Volunteering at The Urban Enrichment Institute

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Volunteering at The Urban Enrichment Institute

This past year in Houston, we were able to expand our relationship with Urban Enrichment Institute (UEI) beyond financial support by volunteering with the organization. Members of our leadership team presented to the students during their summer program discussing Crestwood and the importance of energy along with different career paths available in the industry. This was the first time for many of these young men to learn about the energy industry, including unique careers and the opportunities it provides their communities.

Matching Gift Program

Further evidence of our team’s personal commitment to their communities is with their generous financial gifts to nonprofit and community-based organizations of their choosing. Matching gifts remains a key component of our social investment program. Crestwood matches contributions by employees and retirees dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $5,000 for eligible organizations. Our third-party platform continues to help raise awareness of our matching program while also streamlining employee access to the donation process. 

In 2021, our matching program contributed approximately $116,000 to organizations positively impacting our society   

Supporting Truckers Against Trafficking

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Supporting Truckers Against Trafficking

For the past three years, Crestwood is a proud supporter of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking, bus and energy industries to combat human trafficking. We realize how critical it is to raise awareness. Through our transportation business, we assist law enforcement in the recognition and reporting of human trafficking. In 2021, all employees including Crestwood trucking fleet drivers took the TAT training. Our efforts to support organizations such as TAT not only include financial contributions, but also requires all employees and businesses in our supply chain to agree to our Anti-Human Trafficking Policy when conducting business with Crestwood.

Crestwood Voice:

I have been a member of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) for several years now as human trafficking is an issue that deeply concerns me. It affects both women and men of all ages and has a high potential to get worse. I believe we need to keep publicizing the signs of when you need to speak up, and Crestwood’s Anti-Human Trafficking TAT training has helped educate fellow colleagues on how to do just that. Now Crestwood’s drivers are aware of the signs and know how to alert law enforcement. It’s important to continue to educate our employees and others, opening their eyes to this serious issue.

- Joe Ward, Transportation Driver

Capacity Building Through Scholarships

Supporting local students in accomplishing their educational aspirations is a marquee social investment program for Crestwood. Our scholarship program provides educational and workforce development opportunities that focus on building skills locally where we operate. With our intentional efforts to grow energy-related skills, Crestwood is proud to support students through three different scholarship programs:

Since 2019, Crestwood has provided approximately $572,500 in scholarships to 139 recipients through our three distinct Scholarship Programs

Scholarships: Total Giving Amount

  20191 20202 20213
Total Giving Amount $225,000 $132,500 $215,000
Total Number of Participants 53 33 53
 Number of Females4 13 12 28
 Percentage of Females4 25% 36% 53%
Number of Minorities5,6 13 11 11
Percentage of Minorities5,6 35% 55% 33%

1 Includes STEM and CWN Scholarship Program
2 Includes STEM Scholarship Program
3 Includes STEM, CWN and Employee Dependent Scholarship Program
4 Includes all female recipients regardless of ethnicity
5 Excluding Casper College scholarship recipients, Casper College does track this information
6 Minority includes all male and female recipients of an ethnicity other than Caucasian

External Voice

Adding on college tuition to everyday expenses can be a challenge. As I prepare to transition to a full-time student next spring, assistance from scholarships becomes even more important. The financial support I have received from the Crestwood Scholarship Program greatly helps with my tuition costs as I work to complete an engineering degree at Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. I will soon attend the South Dakota School of Mines pursuing Electrical Engineering, and I am excited for the opportunities this will bring, hopefully in the energy sector.

Dennis Bergren
Casper College Student and Crestwood STEM Scholarship Recipient

Social Investment Highlights


Crestwood donated $5,000 to Nueta, Hidatsa, Sahnish (NHS) College to assist with purchase of new supplies for its chemistry lab advancing its STEM programming


Our Marcellus Shale operations team collectively volunteered 84 hours assisting The ARC of Harrison County with improvement projects to its building


Crestwood partnered with Bridging the Gap to host an Earth Day Lunch & Learn for employees in addition to contributing $10,000 in honor of the day


18 Crestwood employees volunteered over two days assisting the Boys & Girls Club of Douglas move playground equipment to its new building that Crestwood has financially supported


Crestwood contributed $13,500 to five local first responders throughout the Barnett Shale area


In addition to our sponsorship of $30,000 to Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation (BBHLF), Crestwood employees volunteered at BBHLF’s summer camp as well as its My Home Library initiative, distributing books to the students of Gregory-Lincoln Education Center

Looking Ahead

Social investment is an essential component to maintaining our social license to operate. In 2022, we plan to: