Community Relations

At Crestwood, we take pride in our partnerships with local communities. We are dedicated to building resilient relationships with communities by respecting their concerns, supporting local economic development, and aligning those efforts with our core principle of integrity. As a company with a significant presence on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (FBIR), North Dakota, the Native American and non-native community within FBIR is a particularly important component of the Crestwood family. Our operations and activities within FBIR respect tribal regulatory requirements and tribal cultural norms.  This includes an appreciation for the strong traditional connection to the lands in which we operate. Crestwood’s commitment and respect for the communities where we conduct business is part of everything we do.

Indigenous Relations

Our Government Relations team oversees our community engagement programs and initiatives with indigenous communities. Crestwood strives to make a positive impact and resilient, long-term relationships in our communities.

Crestwood has significant operations within FBIR, and interacts daily with the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation (MHA Nation) that govern FBIR. The MHA Nation are Crestwood’s largest landowner, and our team engages with the MHA Nation leadership through regular, if not daily, face-to-face interactions.  These meetings build trust and respect between the MHA Nation and Crestwood, and enable open dialogue about community issues and our business operations.

When working within FBIR, Crestwood is mindful of the cultural traditions and strong connection to the lands that the MHA Nation possess. Our employees respect the MHA Nation cultural traditions, and adhere to specific FBIR regulatory requirements. Should any incidents occur, we respond quickly to address any impacts and conduct robust investigations to identify root causes and develop corrective actions.

As part of our commitment to the MHA Nation, Crestwood retains Native American owned businesses to act as our primary contractors. Retaining these contractors bolsters the economic benefits our projects add to FBIR, and guarantees that our projects are being constructed by individuals who share our mission to operate in a safe and responsible manner, and with local customs and traditions in mind.

Beyond our FBIR focused business operations, Crestwood also interacts socially and communally with the MHA Nation throughout the year, attending and sponsoring events such as the Mandaree Powwow, the Mandaree-Crestwood Thanksgiving Cultural Feed, the Mandaree Christmas Lights Parade, and the FBIR Elders’ Powwow. Crestwood also provided monetary and in-kind support for several FBIR community impact initiatives, some of which are featured below.

Since we began operations in North Dakota in 2013, Crestwood has invested approximately $2.3 million in long-term projects that enhance local access to healthcare and early childhood education in addition to annual sponsorships of community and tribal events. We will continue to invest both time and money in projects that are important to local communities.

“Native Americans, and in particular the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, are not only important members of the community in which we operate in North Dakota, but are also important members of the entire Crestwood family.  We are dedicated to supporting the advancement and well-being of all residents within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, and we appreciate and recognize the culture and history that embodies all aspects of our business within that community.  Our relationship with the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation is founded in respect and honesty. We are committed to supporting the Reservation by participating in local events that further traditions, cultural values, and community.”

Portrait of Fred Everett, Manager, Tribal Relations

Fred Everett,
Tribal Relations

Social Investment

Crestwood invests in a number of community-based projects or initiatives that align with our core principles. Social investment is an important element of our community partnerships. We work closely with local stakeholders to understand a community’s long-term needs and direct our funding to initiatives that will have a lasting benefit. Our approach to social investment is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer at the leadership level and is governed by our board level Sustainability Committee. They also provide feedback on our social investment strategy and review our annual community investment budget.

Employee programs are also an integral part of our corporate giving. Through the Crestwood Employee Matching Gift Program contributions are matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000, for our employees and retirees to support eligible community initiatives of their choosing.

Case Studies

Mandaree Powwow

Mandaree Powwow

Each July since 2015, Crestwood has been a proud sponsor and participant in the Mandaree Powwow celebration within the West Segment of FBIR.  As a social gathering that celebrates the coming together of different Native American communities, the Mandaree Powwow is known for its many types of dances, from traditional to modern variants, and for the participants’ array of bright dress, signifying aspects of native cultureand traditions.  While many of the dances at the Mandaree Powwow are competitive, many more are cultural gatherings enjoyed by thousands of natives and non-natives alike. The Mandaree Powwow includes the best traditional drum groups in the United States, and is one of the largest gatherings for Native Americans in North America.

We are always honored to be invited to this important cultural celebration and a large contingent of Crestwood employees and personnel attend each year.

Crestwood Mahgiddashda Center – a Head Start School Facility

Crestwood Mahgiddashda Center – a Head Start School Facility

In 2017, Crestwood partnered with the MHA Nation to build a new facility for its Mandaree Head Start program. We pledged the first $2 million to the project, and led the charge to raise additional capital to support the school building for decades to come.

Head Start is an early childhood education program for low-income children, and provides comprehensive health, nutrition, and parent involvement services. Currently, the Mandaree Head Start program is housed in a modular building, where it has been since the 1970s, limiting the size of the program to 20 children. With the new facility, the Head Start program will be able to expand and serve more children to fully meet the needs of the community. The new school is scheduled to open during the next Mandaree Powwow in July 2019.

Crestwood Partners with Sky High to Save Lives

Crestwood Partners with Sky High to Save Lives

In 2018, Crestwood partnered with Sky High – a non-profit that helps fund research into pediatric cancer and other life-threatening childhood illnesses. We raised nearly $1.5 million at our Inaugural Boot & Shoot event.

In addition to fundraising events, Crestwood employees volunteer with Sky High by making blankets for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, conducting hospital tours, and educating our leaders about Sky High’s mission.

Cristo Rey in Kansas City Focusing on Skills Development

Cristo Rey in Kansas City Focusing on Skills Development

Many of the initiatives we support focus on skills development and workforce readiness. These efforts benefit the community directly, but also align with our goals to increase the future talent pool, build capacity in local and underserved communities, and provide opportunities for women and minorities. An example of this commitment can be seen in our Kansas City office where we have partnered with Cristo Rey for nearly a decade, supporting over 30 students who spend one day a week working in our offices and gaining valuable work experiences. Our focus on skills development will continue to sharpen and deepen as our involvement with these organizations expands.

Pierpont Community and Technical College

Pierpont Community and Technical College

Crestwood has supported the Pierpont Community and Technical College in Fairmont, West Virginia for the past five years. Members of our team have worked with faculty and staff to develop curricula for the college to prepare students for careers in the midstream oil and gas industry, as part of the college’s Petroleum Technology Program. These courses cover all aspects of oil and natural gas processing facility and pipeline operations, including corrosion controls, fluid measurement and compression, and natural gas processing facility management. Several Crestwood engineers have further supported these programs by teaching classes at Pierpont and by mentoring students. 

One of the success stories of this program is Wesley Azinger. Wesley graduated from the Petroleum Technology program at Pierpont and secured a place in our summer intern program in 2018 at our Banner compression facility in West Virginia. After successfully completing the internship program, Wesley was offered a full-time job as a plant operator at the Banner Compressor Station, where he is currently responsible for ensuring that the Marcellus gathering facilities are operated and maintained in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner.  

“We believe in giving back to the communities where our employees live and work. This means responding to community needs through strategic giving, volunteerism and our matching gift program. One of our most valuable resources is our employees who give their time to enrich and support our communities throughout the year.”

Portrait of Deidra Patterson, Director, Financial Reporting and Treasurer of the Crestwood Volunteer Council

Deidra Patterson,
Director, Financial Reporting and
Treasurer of the Crestwood Volunteer Council

Looking Ahead

As we continue to grow our business, our mission will be to continue to grow our positive impact within our communities. In 2019, we have enhanced our approach to social investment, and we are now focusing our giving in four areas: safety, education and workforce development, the environment, and community vitality. We work with our community partners to identify opportunities that will achieve the greatest societal and business benefits and align with our focused strategy. We believe that our contributions to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of our communities will help create real, lasting, and sustainable value.

A significant improvement to our corporate giving processes in 2019 is the adoption of a standardized approach to community investments with our major assets. This approach will help us align our investments with our corporate strategies, address key stakeholder feedback and tailor our actions to asset-specific impact assessment findings, enhancing benefits to local communities and our company.

Volunteerism is also a vital part of our culture and identity. The employee-led Volunteer Council at our corporate offices in Houston guides and leads Crestwood volunteer efforts in the Houston area. We will be rolling out this employee-led volunteering model to other parts of the business throughout 2019. Alongside this improved process, we are also furthering our commitment to transparency in 2019, and plan to collect and disclose data on employee volunteer hours and participation rates in our 2019 Sustainability Report.


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