Diversity and Inclusion

Our Crestwood family thrives in an atmosphere that fosters respect and collaboration to maximize our operational performance. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and fully believe that by embracing an environment in which every one of our employees feels valued and inspired, we foster innovation and empower all team members to take ownership of the Company’s success.


Our Human Resources team works to develop programs that promote a diversity and inclusion culture among our employees. In 2018, we conducted Respectful Workplace training in our Houston and Kansas City offices. The two-hour session explored the concept of cultural sensitivity and the origins of uncivil workplace behavior across a broad spectrum of conduct. The workshop highlighted how to foster a respectful workplace by opening the discussion as to what kinds of conduct we expect in the workplace and exploring the barriers to the civil and respectful climate we all want. The HR team also offered a separate session for managers that highlighted their responsibility as leaders. We will offer this training to more offices in 2019.

Another focus in 2018 was expanding our current opportunities for women in the workplace. We conducted a gender pay-gap analysis, assessing each role and addressing any potential parity issues. We also encouraged networking opportunities for women such as the Society of Women’s Engineers, Women’s Energy Network and Pink Petro. In early 2019, we launched the Crestwood Women's Network (CWN) in Houston and Kansas City to create a platform that encourages women to take an active role in personal and professional development, building strong relationships through networking and make a difference through women-oriented outreach activities. We look forward to reporting on our CWN progress and other initiatives in subsequent reports.

In 2018, we also developed a plan to recruit veterans for technician roles, and we are rolling out this program in 2019. With the support of senior leadership, our Talent Management team will approach veteran recruitment with a focus on strategic placement in field-based roles. Veterans are often a natural fit for these roles and possess the transferable skills and abilities needed to succeed.

“At Crestwood, we pride ourselves in promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. It isn’t just a Human Resources initiative; it’s how we operate. We value the diversity of our communities and are committed to achieving a high-performance culture where people feel involved, valued and connected; where the richness of ideas and diverse perspectives are leveraged to create long term business-value.”

Manasi Pandya, Senior Director, HR & Organizational Development

Manasi Pandya,
Senior Director,
HR & Organizational Development

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics

Percent of Employees are Women
Percent of Management are Women
Percent of Employees are of Minority Populations
Percent of Management are of Minority Populations

For a more complete breakdown of our employee demographics by age and gender, see Employee Relations.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, we plan to expand CWN across the business to Crestwood field offices in order to deepen our engagement on gender diversity. Other opportunities for our team members to engage on diversity and inclusion initiatives are also in development, including implementing rotational opportunities for veterans in the field. We will also be working with Genesys Works, a non-profit supporting underserved high school students with skills training and internships, to hire two full time interns.

In addition, we will be broadening the range of organizations we work with to strengthen our diversity and inclusion programs, including the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement.

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