Indigenous Relations

Our significant presence on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (FBIR), North Dakota, means the Native American and non-native community within FBIR is a vital part of the Crestwood family. Our operations and activities within FBIR respect tribal regulatory requirements and tribal cultural norms. We appreciate the strong traditional connection the Native American community has with the lands on which we operate. Crestwood’s commitment and respect for the communities where we conduct business is a fundamental component of our operations.


Our Government Relations team directs our community engagement programs and initiatives with Indigenous communities and interacts daily with the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (MHA Nation) that governs FBIR. As the MHA Nation is Crestwood’s largest landowner, our team engages with their leadership through regular face-to-face interactions. Enabling open dialogue around community issues and our business operations, these meetings build trust and respect between the MHA Nation and Crestwood.

When working within FBIR, Crestwood is mindful of the MHA Nation's strong connection to their lands. Our employees respect the MHA Nation cultural traditions and adhere to specific FBIR regulatory requirements.

Crestwood takes community member and landowner complaints seriously and attempts to alleviate all grievances and concerns locally and amicably. Crestwood’s Land Services department and local operations leaders act as the initial point of contact for any grievances received. In the event a grievance or complaint is received, Crestwood attempts to informally reach a resolution with the community members through verbal conversation. Depending on the situation, or the stakeholders involved, additional internal groups may participate in these informal conversations. We recently rolled out a formal grievance tracking mechanism, and Crestwood believes its teams have a very high rate of success in reaching amicable and informal resolutions. Should any incidents occur, we quickly respond to address any impacts and conduct robust investigations to identify root causes and develop corrective actions. Crestwood prides itself on its ability to react locally with boots-on-the-ground employees who know and understand their neighbors and community members. In 2019, Crestwood did not experience any project delays due to grievances or community concerns.

Exemplifying our commitment to the MHA Nation, Crestwood uses Native American-owned businesses when available to act as our primary contractors. Retaining these contractors amplifies the economic benefits our projects add to FBIR, guaranteeing our projects are constructed by individuals who share our mission to operate safely, responsibly and with local customs and traditions in mind.

Crestwood’s commitment to the FBIR extends beyond our business operations. We also interact socially and communally with the MHA Nation throughout the year, attending and sponsoring events such as the Mandaree Powwow, the Mandaree-Crestwood Thanksgiving Cultural Feed, the Mandaree Christmas Lights Parade and the FBIR Elders’ Powwow.

We also provide monetary and in-kind support for several FBIR community impact initiatives. Since 2017, Crestwood has invested approximately $2.9 million in long-term projects to enhance local access to healthcare, education, workforce development and safety, in addition to annual sponsorships of community and tribal events. We will continue to invest and support projects that are important to the MHA Nation.

"As a key customer of Crestwood's since 2015, we have seen that they are a company that is truly embracing a culture of sustainability. Crestwood is dedicated to supporting the advancement of the MHA Nation located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota and it's a relationship that is built on respect and honesty. In addition to their commitment to strong community relations, Crestwood makes environmental stewardship a top priority. Working with WPX as their most active customer, they have placed the Bear Den I & II processing plants into service in 2017 and 2019, and together we are achieving higher gas capture percentages across their Arrow system and reducing emissions on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and in the state of North Dakota."

Portrait of Brian Wold WPX

Brian Wold,
Vice President, 
WPX Energy


Crestwood Mahgiddashda Center – a Head Start School Facility

The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation is a major focus of Crestwood’s relationships with communities in western Wyoming, where we have a major operational presence. In July 2019, the highly anticipated Crestwood Mahgiddashda Center opened, the new home of the Mandaree Head Start Program.

The Crestwood Mahgiddashda Center is a state-of-the-art educational facility for children of the MHA Nation to grow, learn and receive comprehensive health, nutrition and parent involvement services. We pledged the first $2 million to the project and led the charge to raise additional capital to support the school building for the next generation of Mandaree school children. Previously, the Mandaree Head Start Program infrastructure limited the size of the program to 20 children. With the new facility opening, the school accommodated a record number of students and is better suited to meet the early educational needs of the community.

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